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KQ is the critically acclaimed fine dining project of Manu Canales, Ed Brunet & Stephen Tozer. Drawing from their vast knowledge in modern Middle Eastern cookery and their tenure in multiple Michelin starred kitchens, they've created a culinary masterpiece. Currently hosting the renowned chef Pamir Zeydan, KQ stands as a beacon of extreme creativity in the world of gastronomy. It challenges and disrupts the conventional norms of what it means to "fine dine". Forget what you know, and join us for a very unusual dinner.

Kebab Queen has played host to a range of chefs, but we’re very excited to announce Pamir Zeydan as the new Head Chef of Kebab Queen. With his extensive background in fine dining restaurants, Pamir is bringing a unique and innovative approach to Kebab Queen’s extraordinary service. 

At the heart of the Kebab Queen dining experience is our meticulously crafted menu. Chef Pamir's six course tasting menu revolves around immersion and connection. Drawing inspiration from humble origins, he skillfully elevates traditional Turkish dishes to create an unparalleled dining experience. The menu celebrates the essence of Mediterranean cuisine, thoughtfully featuring dishes that blend comfort and ingenuity.

“uplifting and genius and life-enhancing”

Marina O’Loughlin, The Times

Kebab Queen
4 Mercer Walk, WC2H 9FA










19:30 - 23:00
19:30 - 23:00

19:30 - 23:00

19:30 - 23:00


Embarking on his culinary journey in his native Turkey, Pamir's expertise has been shaped by the influences of Kurdish and Mediterranean cuisines. His heartfelt, low-waste menu showcases authentic flavours and the finest, ultra-seasonal ingredients. Having worked alongside renowned culinary experts who trained under legends like Paul Bocuse and Allain Passard, Pamir has honed his craft to perfection.

Located in the heart of Covent Garden, Kebab Queen ambiance is understatedly chic, with a signature no plate serving style, making it the perfect backdrop for a memorable evening. Situated beneath our Maison Bab location, Kebab Queen is a secret and super intimate restaurant that sits only 10 people at a time. Book ahead of time so you don’t miss this unique dining experience. 

For those looking to elevate their private events, KQ offers exclusive private hire options. Whether it's a corporate gathering, a special celebration, or an intimate event, our team ensures it's executed flawlessly. The space can be booked by itself, or in combination with the event space downstairs at Le Bab Covent Garden. The Kebab Queen special events team is adept at curating bespoke experiences tailored to your preferences. We will take you time to discuss options to make your event as special and unique as it deserves to be. To be a part of this unique dining journey, we recommend making your Kebab Queen reservations in advance. 

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