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We’re 3 friends – Stephen, Ed and Manu - who have been making innovative kebabs for the last 8 years. Our project is simple – we’re bringing new techniques, ideas and ingredients into one of the world’s greatest and oldest dishes. Stephen met Ed at University, where they shared many late night kebabs. Ed met Manu at Le Gavroche, where they were cooking 2 Michelin star classical French food. We all loved kebabs, and loved eating some of the amazing Turkish, Lebanese, Persian and South Asian kebabs that London had to offer.

The idea was to bring some of the principles of fine dining into the kebab, and in doing so, make something brand new. This meant channeling world class produce and some unusual techniques into our cookery. We launched in Soho in 2016, religiously applying phenomenal, seasonal British produce into our food. This was challenging in winter, but we made it work, and people loved it. In 2019, we launched our fine dining flagship concept restaurant, Kebab Queen. In Kebab Queen we use a revolutionary style of service to bring you closer than ever to your food and your chef.

We have designed all of our restaurants with our friend Angus Buchanan of Buchanan Studio, believing that beautiful modern spaces are an essential part of your fun. We want you to have an amazing time in every way, whether that’s enjoying our interiors, our wines and cocktails, or our food. We hope you love it as much as we do.

5. Our head chef Manu Canales (right) and the _eatlebab Co-Founder Stephen Tozer (left) ou
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