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Top 5 London Kebab Restaurants You Should Try

Whether you’re heading home from a big night out or a tiring day at work, what is the first thing on your mind? For a lot of Londoners, getting a kebab from their favourite spot is high on the list.

A kebab on the way home from a night out is truly one of life’s great pleasures, with more than a few enjoying this part of the ritual more than the night out itself. You can normally spot these people checking their phones for local neon-lit establishments pretty early into the evening, planning their escape route.

It’s not just your local bossman serving up kebabs though, you can also treat yourself to your favourite kebab in a traditional restaurant setting. In this article, we talk about the leading London kebab restaurants you shouldn't miss out on. But before this, let’s talk about a few things you should keep in mind when looking for the restaurant with best kebab in London.

London kebab restaurants

How to find a restaurant serving up the best Kebab in London

Quality of Dishes

When you're searching for the perfect restaurant, the first thing you'd typically think about is the quality of the food, right? Researching before you arrive is super important, as even the most beautifully decorated places might use leather-bound booths and marble tables to mask subpar ingredients. You should always be on the lookout for restaurants that prioritise using the best produce for the highest quality dishes.

Guest Experience

The best quality restaurants, kebab or otherwise, will always pride themselves on going the extra mile to enhance the overall dining experience. They strive to exceed customers' expectations, which is the most important aspect in ensuring repeat visits. In bustling tourist areas with high turnover, like Oxford Circus, top restaurants take pride in their courteous staff, who consistently ensure every customer is well cared for.

Top 5 London Kebab Restaurants

Le Bab

Le Bab is London’s original posh kebab shop, serving up a unique take on British kebab fare. Their beautifully appointed restaurants offer a unique and causal setting, unlike any other traditional kebab restaurant. Kebabs at Le Bab are served open on proprietary flatbread, and while knives and forks are provided, Le Bab encourages their customers to pick up their kebabs like they were eating in their local kebab shop.

Fez Mangal

You will probably find a queue at this Med-inspired Turkish restaurant, but it won't be long before you're sitting and perusing the menu. The shish kebabs at this restaurant are renowned across the city, but their falafel is also not to be missed.

Kebab Kid

Kebab Kid is a popular local spot that serves one of the best chicken shawarma in town, but their lamb shwarma is also well worth a try, The kebab is moist, and the tangy flavours add to the overall experience of this traditional kebab shop.

The Best Turkish Kebab

The Best Turkish Kebab is known throughout London for its chicken shish, perfect for soaking up a couple of drinks. The best thing about this spot though is the staff, always generous time, as well as with their chips and garlic sauce.


Cirrik is renowned for its classic Turkish dishes. The sheer volume of excellent kebab options is what gets this restaurant on the list. You’ll find everything from traditional shish kebabs to a full mixed kebab platter, all under one roof.


Kebab is undoubtedly a go-to that London truly loves. Next time you're planning on heading out for a sit-down kebab, get yourself down to the real best kebab shop in London, check out Le Bab. We only use fresh ingredients to craft the most unique and delicious dishes.


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