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Kebab Queen Cooking masterclasses, by Manu Canales

Updated: Feb 10

We are thrilled to announce that Kebab Queen’s Executive Chef Manu Canales, will be hosting a series of cookery masterclasses, beginning this Autumn.

Topics covered will include basic and advanced techniques that can be used at home; breadmaking, butchery and grilling, sauce making, using spices etc. Classes will be structured around themed menus; game, BBQ and grill, vegan and seafood - each taking influence from Kebab Queen’s menu of course ;)

Manu, a biology graduate, deploys scientific knowledge in his technical approach to cookery - we invite participants to practice and develop these skills, cook and eat their own preparations, and learn alongside Manu’s supervision. No cooking experience is required, and lessons are tailored to all levels. Expect to have fun, learn and enjoy delicious food! Lessons will be held at Kebab Queen in Covent Garden.

Lesson price: £95pp

Each course pack will include:

Pre-lesson booklet and brief

Welcome coffee or tea

Theory and practice



Q&A with a drink

Recipe and technique pack from the day

We offer corporate packages which can be tailored to suit the occasion, please email

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