The Vegan 'Sabich'

I ate my first Sabich on the street in Tel Aviv, from the most ludicrously cool and gloriously down and dirty hole in the wall, where they were blasting great house music from a loudspeaker onto the street...

We will never be that cool. And we won't even try to recreate the classic Israeli "Sabich".

Like all of our kebabs, our ''SABICH'' is a poetically licensed reinvention. 

We roast our aubergines with chilli & garlic Vs frying them. We bring that richness with mayo instead of tahini. We cut it with a peanut, parsley & onion salad. And we bake a special, crusty fermented bun to implant some firm texture, Vs the traditional pillow-like pitta.

All in all, it's very different, and it's very very delicious. 

We PRIDE ourselves on our veggie and vegan food and we pour out heart and soul into it. This is a lovingly worked example of that...

- Stephen Tozer.